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How to install:

1. Install the ExtensionPack (When you install an ExtensionPack for the first time, you'll have to add to the sites, which are allowed to install Add-ons in your Firefox and click on "Install Extensionpack now" again.)
2. Click on "Restart Firefox" and wait a second
3. Update your extensions (Tools -> Add-ons -> Find Updates)
4. Click on "Install Updates"
5. Click on "Restart Firefox" again, now it could take some time to restart
6. Configure the extensions (See Configuration Tips on the ExtensionPack's page)


The ExtensionPacks contain extensions which were not programmed by the autors of the ExtensionPacks.

For questions or comments about ExtensionPack, please send a message to the ExtensionPack mailing list.
For questions or comments about a project included in an ExtensionPack, please visit the projects website.
For questions or comments not about a specific project, please read the Mozdev Feedback page.
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