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ExtensionPack Basic
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Compatible to all Firefox 2 versions.

Important: Installation instructions


This ExtensionPack installs the newest versions of the following extensions:
- AdBlock Plus
- CustomizeGoogle
- Download Statusbar
- Fasterfox
- OpenBook
- PDF Download
- Searchbar Autosizer
- Stop or Reload button
- Tab Mix Plus


Configuration Tips:

Configuration after the second restart:
Download Statusbar: Click on "Open Extension Options" and then tick everything listed under "Progress Notifications", Click on OK and Close
TabMix Session Manager: Chose "No"

Configuration in Tools -> Add-ons -> Rightclick on the extension -> Options
AdBlock Plus: Go to this site and subscribe to the filters of your choice
CustomizeGoogle: Tick everything possible (Except "Google Mail", there only the first two)
OpenBook: Tick everything possible
PDF Download: In "PDF opening" chose "Use PDF plugin"
Tab Mix Plus: Download Configuration Right-click here (Load this settings in the TMP configuration window (Settings -> Import Settings))

After this you can install a dictionary for the spell-checking feature in Firefox 2.



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