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(.zip file, about 247 kb)

Important: Installation instructions (for your own ExtensionPack)


With this assistant you can build your own extensionpack, which installs the newest versions of some of the following extensions:
- AdBlock
- AdBlock Filterset G Updater
- CustomizeGoogle
- Download Manager Tweak
- Fasterfox
- OpenBook
- PDF Download
- SearchEngineOrdering
- SmoothWheel
- Stop or Reload button
- Tab Mix Plus


Configuration Tips:

AdBlock Filterset.G Updater window after the second restart: Tick and click twice on OK

CustomizeGoogle: Tick everything possible (Except "Google Mail", there only the first two)
OpenBook: Tick everything possible
Download Manager Tweak: Chose "Open in tab"
Tab Mix Plus: Download Configuration Right-click here (Load this settings in the TMP configuration window)
PDF Download: Use standard Firefox plugin

Search Engine Ordering: Sort / delete the Searchplugins in the search engine list of Firefox (Right click)


The ExtensionPacks contain extensions which were not programmed by the autors of the ExtensionPacks.

For questions or comments about ExtensionPack, please send a message to the ExtensionPack mailing list.
For questions or comments about a project included in an ExtensionPack, please visit the projects website.
For questions or comments not about a specific project, please read the Mozdev Feedback page.
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